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Shopbuilder takes a shop keepers approach to managing your online business. We setup your site, manage all of the technical details and so you can stay focussed on your sales.

  • Template driven system.  Our system uses commonly available templates and swaps active elements out on the page to display store components such as categories, products, static content, navigation, shopping cart integration and more.  After entering templates into the system you don’t have to mess with your web pages any more. Shopbuilder takes care of it all; the end result is a customized web site that sticks out from the competition.

  • Shipping templates.  Our system uses a flat rate calculation system.  The system allows you to enter shipping information about a particular box you might use to send something out.  You can specify options for international/domestic, insurance and restrict countries with the templates.  Once the templates are setup you simply apply them to your products as needed.

  • Category management.  Products can belong to two categories.  That way you can specify brands and logical categories for the same product.  It will be searchable on the web site and the navigation is built for you instantly and automatically.

  • Image management. You can upload and sort multiple high quality images for each product.  The software will create the thumbnails and automatically lay them out on your website.  The image management system is drag and drop oriented which makes it much easier to use.

  • Batch updating Yep, you can batch update all of the products at once.  This can be useful if you want to bulk assign multiple products to a particular category or set the quantity/price/shipping for multiple products (up to 1000 at once).

  • Track Sales. Our system will record all of its sales and allow you to review and even export your sales using custom export templates.  Later you can import your sales into your accounting software or label software.
  • Invoicing System. You can send invoices, set items to paid/shipped etc.  The invoice system uses invoice templates that make you look more consistent and professional.  It is a wonderful way to let your customers know that you received the order and are currently processing it.
  • eCommerce solutions. The store automatically integrates with the PayPal system allowing you to collect credit cards simply by providing your paypal email address.  If you have a current merchant account or would like to have your site integrated with a different provider just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

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